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'Be Anxious for Nothing...'

'Be Anxious for Nothing...' was a faith statement and a prayer my mom and dad always said over us girls. God is always with us and goes before us. The fall before my dad died, I had told him that I was experiencing some concerning symptoms. I was really fearful. He just kept praying this over me. Even in the hospital it was very overwhelming being around all the support machines he was on in the end. One night around 2am I couldn't sleep, I slipped out of bed, told my husband I was going to see my dad and I went to ICU for 2 hours to sit with him. I took my bible and just read scriptures and prayed for him. He wasn't able to sleep either and at this point couldn't talk due to being intubated and could only write. He wrote down 'pray no anxious'. So I read him scriptures and prayed for peace on him. He went to sleep and I left. I'll never forget that night. It was the last one on one I had with my dad. As terrible as it was for him, it was also special because he could still communicate.

A month following his death my health took a turn and I started to suffer massive panic attacks which we found out later was due to a mass growing on my adrenals. That's a health journey story on it's own and not for today. The point today is how to deal with anxiety when life is throwing us all sorts of crap and issues. Most people believe if you are going through a storm you should walk, talk, look like you are not coping and falling apart. I no longer agree with this. Because I learnt even in the worst of times, there are still memories to be made. Nothing should ever take away from real focus on your family and loved ones when you are together. Nothing. We need to learn to separate things because life is short.

The panic attacks I experienced were so intense I couldn't function. My body would literally jump while sitting still and I couldn't catch my breath and my heart raced irregularly. Before I found out the issue I went to the Dr like everyday. I was basically this hypochondriac. Luckily our reception lady was our Pastor's wife and the Dr was a christian couple. They spent much time praying for me. This went on for months. It was suggested I seek a Naturapth as many times they can help deeper with things before it is a medical emergency. So I went back to our family Naturapath under my Dr's supervision worked with both medical and holistic. Disclaimer: I am in no way suggesting or advocating one or the other. My journey only is what I'm sharing.

I had very high acidic levels and my adrenals were very low functioning. He explained that when our adrenals stop working we have what is many times diagnosed as a nervous breakdown. Well I was there. My body had a 98% healing rate which was very high and suggested success if I followed the treatment. Which I did. Through this time the most challenging part was re-learning how to cope with life, everyday stress, additional stress, financial stress and being a single mom. It took me a good year to heal and build up tolerance but I've weathered 2 divorces, financial crisis, moving provinces, and failure without any further issues with panic attacks. Below are my tips on how to create some much needed resilience and balance in these times:

12 Tips to living anxiety free:

1. Breathe: Start by taking a deep breath and literally just breath. You are not dead yet. Life is not ending. People and circumstances may be pushing at you but you need to focus on surviving right now.

2. Get outside, get barefoot and get grounded. There's nothing better than the earth beneath your feet. You control this. Take a look at the trees, water, mountains, primaries, animals, whatever you have around you. It lives and breathes. You can too. This isn't being irresponsible, this is surviving. Yes, I get that there may be many who don't want you to make it though this. But you don't owe them your physical life. Your family needs you healthy. You need you healthy. When I first heard this I was on the phone with a friend and she said get outside. I thought it was the stupidest thing ever. I had timelines and a crisis! I couldn't forget about it for a minute and go outside and smell the rain! She said ok then lay down and die. I said no. She said firmly - 'go outside barefoot and feel the grass'. I did for like 2 whole minutes. But it was two minutes of practice. I had to continue. Over time it is my first reaction.

3. Take things off your plate. Strip down your commitments and focus on getting financially stable. However that looks. Schedule time to relax.

4. Take things in stride. Haters gonna hate. You can't do anything to please these people so stop trying. You can only handle in this moment what is in your control to do.

5. Rest and Sleep. Get to bed early. Even if it's just lying there. Use this time to visualize yourself well, successful, happy, loving and living life, finically free and whatever you want your life to look like. Get painting these pictures on your heart.

6. Eat Clean - get off the caffeine and sugars. Start eating clean. See the food your are eating literally healing you from the inside out.

7. Hydrate - Drink water. Lots of clean healthy water. See it washing away stress and creating balance in your body.

8. Gratitude - write a list of 100 things you are grateful for. It will take your mind off negative things and get you in a focused state to problem solve effectively.

9. Self Care - vitamins, Dr's, naturopaths, supplements, whatever it is you physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally need get it.

10. Laugh hard everyday - Listen to a comedy podcast, hang out with people good for your is very cleansing and healing.

11. Pray & Meditate - if you have a faith, pray. If not, meditate. This creates self discipline to move ahead with focus, resilience and calmness. It will rise up a belief inside you that you can and will make it through this mountain. You have it in you.

12. ASK FOR HELP! - people don't know what they don't know. Reach out and say hey, I'm struggling, I need your understanding and help. You'd be surprised who will be there to support you.

The best thing we can all do for ourselves is to do our best. Even in those moments of stress with nasty and time sensitive messages coming through, you can only do what you can. People really do only want to know you are committed and you are there. When they get that, they will work with you and allow you time to fulfill. Give them a plan. And if they don't ... do not stress. Hire it out in whatever area you need and focus on you and your family.


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