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A Force to be Reckoned With...

Let's start by defining the word 'Force': When I looked it up, I found 2 very different definitions. Very interesting: 1. 'strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement'. 2. 'coersion or compulsion, usually with the use of threat or violence'. When I first read this I admit, I was very hurt and chose to be 'offended'. I had someone do me the honour of telling me that I was said to be...'A force to be reckoned with..' 'a true sinner'...and they were not referencing the first definition. This almost destroyed me. I had no job, I had alot of debt, I had made mistakes and in the one place where I should have felt the safest....I was being attacked the most. I mean, I knew I was a sinner...we all are. Obesity is a sin...gossip is a sin...abuse of power is a sin...falsities are a sin...fabricating lies within the gossip is a sin...operating in any way apart from God's word is a sin... so who were the stone throwers and what exactly were they hiding that they felt so threatened to cast stones when they had stoney fields themselves. For a time I left and laid down and pretty much gave up on everything in life. I let these so called self professed 'prophets of God' have power in their words and I actually believed them. I didn't fight because I thought that not fighting was a sign of surrender...I didn't use my voice because I felt I had to pay their penance...but giving up doesn't accomplish any good. It does the opposite. It creates adversity. The most beautiful thing about Jesus....Holy he choses to see and believe the best in you. And nothing infuriates him faster than 'pharisees'. So I went to the word of God. And I started reading what he said about me. What he said about faith, love, kindness, strength, courage...I stopped focusing on what others wanted to see and I started focusing on what he said I am and what he sees.

I started my days at 5am and would pray, fast, read the word. And I started standing on key verses that I could build my faith on. I got back up and started taking my life back. I learned through this process of what God started leading me on, that every person in the world has these people. And every single person in the world makes mistakes. And every single person in the world has a choice. To be the 1st or 2nd definition of the word 'Force'. So one day I decided to stand up and I literally said, 'I AM a force to be reckoned with'.... and I chose I would be #1 when it came to defining my life.

9 Ways to be a 'Force to Be Reckoned With...'

1. OWN YOUR OWN LIFE! Stop looking at everyone else's life. Own your own. Take charge of your mistakes and failures. Only you can change them. This revelation alone will catapult you into action and results.

2. Be 'IMMOVABLE' in the face of adversity. Don't listen to the peanut gallery. Why would you follow their army when you should be building your own with people of love, peace, substance....they say you become like the top 5 people you hang around. I now only give time to people who I see have real substance, and who I want to be like.

3. Remember: You are a LION and not a lamb. Look up the positive attributes of a Lion. They are strong, fierce, courageous, defend their own, they are symbols of royalty, they are loyal, they respect their leaders and their positions, they provide for their pack. Use your voice not to justify one cares. Use your voice to defend yourself, your family, others who are weak and don't yet have strength. You belong to Christ and you were designed with a powerful use it when you need to. So why would you pay attention to the wolves, when many of them appear to be noble but really are wolves in sheep's clothing. Read Lisa Bevere's book 'Lioness Arising'. This book changed my life.

4. Be Persistent. Tenacity. NEVER. GIVE. UP. You are not defined by what someone says about you. You are not defined by your past. You are defined by what you believe, your own words and actions. IF you don't like your life....change it.

5. Be vigilant in your faith. Don't take a day off from faith. This will cripple you.

6. The force of LOVE is the most powerful force there is. Start loving others. Work on yourself so you can truly love yourself. You are beautiful!

7. Pick up your sword and slay.... There comes a time when you create peace...but there are times when you need to stand up and fight for your family.

8. Stay Classy. But - DO NOT RUN. Stand firm, turn around and face your enemy...then charge with full force at them and take back your power. If you need to, hire it out and work on healing yourself.

9. Find Your Tribe. And BELIEVE. Believe in yourself enough to look after yourself. Your health, your wellness, your circle, your tribe.

FORCE: Strength or Energy as an attribute of physical action or movement. Therefore: Be strong. Protect your Energy. Radiate attributes that bring forth change and making a positive difference. Take action and create a movement that will help and heal others.

This last week I had a health scare and it caused me to reflect again on this. So I took some self care steps and it's funny sometimes how you just don't know your power within. The lack of knowledge can destroy or hold people back. I have membership with World Health and I connected last week with the fact that one of the trainers I had noticed long time ago, was accessible through my current health club and within the budget I could afford. It's amazing how when you open your eyes how you will get connected to people. I already have a connection with other areas and people that will take me to the next step as I get God works when you allow it. So I am right now focused to get strong and healthy. I don't have an option. So I decided - I am going to go for it with everything I have in me. So I am starting my journey to train for WBFF, to run a Half - Marathon, then Martial Arts, to become a personal trainer myself, run a Marathon then a Tri-athalon. I have goals with my company. My family. Our family Charity. To get the homeless off the provide programming for those coming out of why would I allow people to pressure me into giving up. I only allow them to do one thing. And that is to give me fuel to rise and soar while on my journey.

Learn to love yourself. Forgive yourself. The only people in your world that really know your reality is you. So be the best version of yourself that you need to be and that you were designed to be.


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