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Glass Houses

We live in a world where everyone wants to be heard. We all want to be noticed; I'm guilty of this. We post one too many times on social media (me today haha), post our business promo's, and those cute little photos of our kids and pets. We think everyone cares and needs to know! I'm ok with people like that. I feel like they are being open and sharing a piece of their life. But then there's those who just cross lines...

You know the ones I'm talking about. They are attention seekers, mass manipulators, THE one. The one who will insult you for posting or talking too much.....because deep deep down they should be the only ones with 'a message'. So they handle it by knocking you down. This is abuse and control. I chose this topic today because lately, I've noticed a few people I used to look up to and respect, be those people. The ones who are THE best at everything. So much so, they have to argue, insult and belittle those who do not think like them or conform like them. They create their own little groups, don't allow people to find it and add themselves, they add them without consent. The ones who are supposed to be 'experts' in their fields but don't look the part. The ones who cross fields into other areas they have zero experience or expertise in yet they recognize that topic just might get them the extra like or views. The ones who post statuses like: 'A whole lotta peeps saying but not doing.' This is called agenda. Now don't get me wrong, I am guilty of this to a point. We start to grow or achieve success in one area and we want to tell the world. This is normal. But how does it come across? It has made me think.

In my business we are expanding and growing and I love versatility and learning in many areas. Every area of business we have, I have had past or current experience with. And as a business woman with bills to pay, a family, goals, dreams....I learnt long ago to have more than one revenue stream. This is okay. But something has shifted in our society so much so that pretty much 99% of the people preaching are living in glass houses themselves. It has become such an epidemic that we are crossing moral, ethical, legal and christian lines daily. Business has become so competitive that we justify hurting people with insults just to get that extra number of views or likes. This is disgusting. I'm having to re-evaluate a few people I used to highly admire and stand up for, and now, I wouldn't connect with them or support them.

Let me shed some light on what I mean: I break it down into 2 categories: We're either 'Mis-understanding' them or they are giving 'Mis-Information'.

Mis-Understanding: Who do you listen to? The Crows or The Eagles. We all have noisy, annoying, greedy, mean crows in our lives who just live to stir the pot. And they are proud they are that way. They are the 'information specialists and mini-investigators' in life. They are quick to run to you and tell you the worst, the juiciest, the ugliest things about someone you know. Because they HAVE to be THE one you look to. They are attention whores. Yup - I said whores. Because they are just that. They don't actually care about you, they just don't want you to like the person they do not. They don't even care if their facts are correct. They don't feel they need to. Who's going to touch them? Not the other crows. Because they are many in numbers. So they walk around appearing infallible. Mocking, pecking, laughing, destroying, feeding on flesh. They cannot stand anyone doing anything before them, without them, instead of them. You cannot be above them. So they continuously try to place you below.

But an Eagle. An Eagle knows it's strength and worth. An Eagle is fine alone. Eagles may not be as strong in numbers but they don't need to be. For they are not weak. An Eagle sees what the crows are doing. And might even tolerate for a time being pecked at. But one day it shows it's strength. And the crows won't stand a chance against the Eagle's when they unite with other Eagle's. An Eagle is smart. It chooses its battles. It recognizes it needs to keep one eye on the crows, but the crows are zero competition so it lets them stay busy gossiping about their little masses. What the Eagle can spot miles away however, is the Snake in the Grass. It might be able to stay immobile, silent or hidden for a short while. But the Eagle will wait. And is ready to swoop down and carry it off, defenceless and weak, and will drop it into a pile of muck miles away. And they don't survive.

Be an Eagle. Not a Crow. Instead of listening to the crows, go for that cup of tea, and sit down and find out for yourself what you need to know. Because the Crows never have all the facts nor do they care what they are. They are created to destroy only. Don't move people who are loyal from your life. Seek to understand; because most often, there is Mis-Understanding. I read a quote lately and it hit home: 'Be careful what you tell people, A friend today could be an enemy tomorrow.' This said a lot to me. There is no enemies in Eagle's. They are fiercely loyal....if you've heard something bad about a loyal friend, recognize it probably came from a crow. Or maybe they heard it from a crow.

There are many crows on social media. Recently I watched someone I respected once, completely insult and hurt someone who did not eat like them. They were basically alluding to them being stupid and lazy. Yet, this person does not look like a picture of health themselves. And their lives are not the way many typical people live their life. But the arrogance in the statements was so obvious and different. This was not a person I want to now model after. We need to watch our messages. (If you are anyone who currently is a leader or person I actually say I respect - I'm not talking to you. I need you).

Mis-Information - Then there are those who purposely give out mis information to grow a mass community. This is called manipulation and agenda. You know, those agenda truth busters who are actually being just as bad by appearing to stand against 'agenda' yet they are using their own groups as a way to massively grow numbers and they achieve it by not only being experts in their own field but magically now they are experts in many many fields.

(If you are military, police, an experienced nutritionist, fitness trainer or a long time profession and expert in your field, I am not talking to you). I actually highly appreciate your truth and 'conspiracy' posts. It makes me think. But here's the thing: I respect it from those trades because they have been out there in the trenches fighting for people and helping people so I know they know what they are talking about.

I'm referencing the little people who to grow their own 'agendas', pretend to be an expert in a field they have no business talking about.

Ex - If you are not a military, police, political or law enforcement background - I won't listen to you when you talk about 'government' agenda. You are not speaking from depth. Only from 'personal awakening or belief', which is great, I have an awakening too, but I don't profess to know it all to everyone around me. Leave it to the professionals. Instead of trying to grow your social media masses.

If you eat like crap and are not physically strong, are not a Trainer or Nutritionist/trained Wellness person - I won't listen to you. If you look older than I do? Or can knock you over with my baby finger because I'm stronger than you? Then I won't want your program. Just saying. If I drink too much coffee or have some fluff, I am working on it. I went through hell, and today, that's how I am surviving. I am healing my body and mind. Today, I might be remembering being punched or tossed about a room. And I got out of bed. This is good. Be gentle with me where I am.

If you are broke, don't have investments or savings and other people are not singing your praises about your business savvy skills - I won't model my business after you. You don't have a clue how to run anything. You might have small success, but I cannot reach my goals with your small success mindset. If I'm working my business, then I am allowed that. Because I have fought through hell to get to the point I could get back up and work my business. Today, I might have gotten up the courage to run a Promo and risk being vulnerable after someone hurt me bad in business. I'm growing.

If you are Christian and gossip, look unhealthy, are falling apart, a busy body, discriminate, talk down about a certain group of people, yet you claim to be flawless, forgiving and 'loving' - I won't listen to you; because you don't walk your talk. If I am growing, I deserve that space as a human. Because I fought through hell to get back up and survive. Today, I might be finding my faith even after making mistakes. Unless you are perfect, I did good by walking through the doors. How did you get through? I also know your skeletons. I've been told I am not an example of the christian faith when I make mistakes. Ahh...very very true. Here's some more truth. Neither is anyone who talks about other faith believers. People watch. And when see they a group destroying anyone, they don't want what you have either. Nor do they want to be like you. I can however be an example in some areas of life of 'what not to do'. And I'm okay with that. And they know I won't judge them if they screw up and need someone to listen. Just saying :)

I am in full support of those who genuinely want to help others going through what they are. Then be real and say, 'I'm a hot mess. And I don't have it all figured out yet, but this is what I'm struggling with and this is what is helping. I wanted to share so others who are going through the same can have hope.' That - people will pay attention to, because you are just as vulnerable and fallible as them. There's no security, beauty, safety in listening to anything else. Infallible people are weak people. Sad people. Ugly people. Unhealthy people. When we are blowing smoke up people's chimneys without up close and personal experience, we are on the fine lines of treason, christian sin, legal actionable words, and deception. Agenda.

Be an Eagle, not a Crow. Remember we all live in Glass Houses. You clean off your window and your step, and I will clean off mine. Then together we will go help someone else clean off theirs if it's too big for them to handle. Humanity. We all make mistakes; we are all human.

I love you all :)

Even you Cows, I mean crows ;)


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