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Fallout Society

'We have grown into a mouthy, cell phone wielding, vulgar, uncivil society with no personal responsibility and the attitude of 'it's the other person's fault', 'you owe me'. 'A society where children grow up with no boundaries or knowledge or concern for civil society and personal responsibility.'

A quote that I read from a post on social media after a controversial event. I'm not going to get into the situation, but on social media there was a Fallout between 2 neighbours and it escalated quite dramatically. It involved an organization and people's opinions flew rapidly. And surprisingly, on the sides that least deserved it. For now. Here was a complaint from someone that appeared on one side, troubled, but in reality, seems embellished. Through thousands of comments, people began to take sides but the focus of hate was on either the organization, or the individual. The 'instigator' somehow went MIA yet did not escape scrutiny. People offered copied and pasted sections of rules that apply to a party who falsely reports a formal complaint or discontent. If this was done in a spirit of hostility, there is a serious plausible outcome to the one who slandered and defamed.

From the outside I will be watching this, because this has become a huge problem in this day and age. The above quote covers it beautifully. People don't fact check or go to the party the issue is with and have a sit down adult conversation anymore. And there certainly isn't any respect for a private or 'without prejudice' conversation. So how can you share facts? We, as a society will play party to spreading gossip, falsities and rumours without any remorse or thought that it might come back to bite them. I'm interested in law and have been studying this topic for months now. Most people won't sue for slander or defamation simply because they don't want to be embarrassed, cause further issues or risk losing.

We are a sad society that bullies people into submission. They create 'secret groups' and 'round up all the cattle for slaughter' (these are the naive suckers who will believe any form of gossip presented to them). They don't care about the damage they are doing. They preach 'power in numbers' and indulge in the destruction of others. It's like a religious cult awakening.

As I watched all the info on this, what I saw was a human with a family that works damn hard. Trusted the companionship and company of individuals who did not appear to respect their safety and stability. Along comes a 3rd party that has an issue with said person. The solution ... bring on board many other people to escalate things and then open it up to opinion in hopes of diminishing what the real issue was. An issue between 2 people that should've been left between them. Now hurting many along the way. And on the other side was an outstanding organization who gives their time, energy and resources to protect. At any and all costs. They do a tough job and it's based on information given. Good men and women. Worthy of respect. Then a 3rd party who appears to somewhat escape accountability by creating such issues.

Here's some things I've seen others I care about go through and experience myself:

Shit pot stirers/Trouble Makers/Nosey Nellies:

People who breach contracts, non-competes and NDA's these days. They falsify affidavits, court claims and stories. Just to make it juicy, humiliate and cause such a ruckus it takes attention off the dirty deeds they did. They sell items on 'for sale' sites and don't disclose recalls, issues and safety problems. They don't do their job and cry when fired. Or they were hired too soon before a company was ready and choose revenge over logic. They falsely advertise to lure in prospects, then in person create agreements that withholds one's right to an accountant, attorney, inspection, privacy, to make volatile amounts of profit. They create false terms on contracts to get out of liability. They play 2 or more purchase parties against each other to drive prices. They lure you into collaboratorship to hand over a fat bill in the end. They say your health is priority for them ... only to bill them for time not in office or present in person at diagnostics, use them as an excuse for their shoddy tax neglect, and lie about knowing them so they can look polished and score some bigger opportunities. They claim others ideas and projects as their own. They choose and sign one contract option over another then cry wolf to get everything free. They see a friend in a bad space, help, then demand loan sharking interest and if they don't get out- the stories they can create. They fabricate reports and compile various reports together to appear as one document. They breach securities and reputable organization oaths, offer help to someone in need then use their power to twist details and cry wolf. They abandon and neglect issues until too far gone then put in false claims. Those actions fall into many categories. Extortion, Userous terms, fraud, malicious intent, purjury, obstruction, impeding income, manipulation, coercion, slander and defaming. Them and their actions are nefarious at best. They feel and ironically believe they are somehow however absolved of any and all compliance or responsibility all in the name of 'Kangaroo Court & Internet Troll mini-investigators', and they hide behind other nefarious individuals. So to hide what they do, they create a hate group that will do their dirty work for them. If some people would satisfy their spouses more and eat a vegetable instead of running off at the lips and 'fattening' their twisted attention seeking gluttony ... the world would be a better place. And they'd be healthier.

These people are addicts, entitled and enabled. Just as much as any other addict, entitled or enabled person. They see nothing wrong with their actions, become obsessed and cannot rest until they've done something destructive daily. They need to be shut down and suffer the consequences. 'The truth will also set them free' on what they've done and role they've played. These people are toxic, fearful, paranoid humans who also don't know or respect boundaries. They are the bully on the playground.

Society doesn't even try to respect officers, policing, leaders, pastors ... because if they did, they would never have broken any of the above.

Here's reality. When you fall, you can't get back up and wipe the dirt off without other people coming alongside and stomping you back down, pouring water in the hole and creating mud. Then they point and yell 'look at them!' When this happens, this does not reflect bad intent or character on the one in the mud trying to stand up during the storm. Are they muddy and unlovely for a time? Yup. Cannot be avoided. Are they stuck. Yes. Can they get out on their own while sliding back down? Not immediately. Can they successfully navigate the storm while being continually beaten down? No. They have no choice but to wait out the storm and let it dry and hope they haven't collapsed and can climb.

Society needs a good old fashion Slander and Defamation Win. These people too need to be held accountable. But many times they won't.

So put on your big person panties and either mind your own business as people or go to the source if directly involved. If it doesn't involve you it doesn't involve you. And vet your friends better. Know who you are getting into business and friend bed with.

Then there are amazing people in society. People who come along and get in the mud with you when you are sinking and lift them out. People who put on a rain coat and bring a shovel. People who are there to be a partner, friend, life manager, investor and they have integrity, grit, wisdom and compassion. These are those you honour. The ones who look you in the eye and say hey, let's sit. But be prepared...when they come armed to help, the group will be back pointing yelling omg they need help!! Because you aren't suppose to survive. You were meant to be buried alone and alive.

There are people who do harm others on purpose yes, this has happened. But we can't live life sitting around waiting for the worst in people. And some who are good will over time get caught up in the ocean of piranhas, this also happens. But we cannot be people who then become the author and finisher of someone's hardship, their own jealousy, or a need to revenge someone because someone or something in the past has hurt us.

These are the people that are getting out of control. These are the ones society needs to set their internal alarms for. I always find it funny when people complain about Big Pharma, conspiracies, yet don't check out how they run their own life or treat others. Because many of these people ... are conspiracy screamers because they too have a hidden agenda.

'My people perish for lack of knowledge.' Maybe someone you are judging today got in a tough spot simply by testing the waters by growing something, tried and failed tried and failed and trusting the wrong people in life, love and business. What will they do when they succeed and climb out and grow?

When you are in a 'Fallout in Society' put your head down, do the work, rebuild, restore integrity and you will without doubt find a tribe who will help you through the storm and pull you out of the mud. Be ready, grow strong, and get positioned. Then demonstrate and elevate.


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