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'Fall'-ing into Place

Fall is my favorite season, and the month of October is my favorite month. It's when the trees and foliage create their most beautiful display of colors and I'm forever in awe at the beauty. It's a time of gratitude and thanks, pumpkin spice, apple cider, warm sweaters and backyard fires. Every season to me is beautiful and this summer was a very different one from any I've date. Growing up, my family would go to Trossachs Gospel Camp for the first 3 weeks of July, then we'd holiday out towards the mountains, through the Okanagan and to the coast then at my two uncle's farm outside Sherwood Park, AB. My dad grew up on a farm, and I remember when it was chicken season and we all had to pitch in. Time at my uncles was spent in the garden weeding and harvesting, blanching and canning, being outside with the horses and cows and finding places to play. I loved it and always wanted a farm of my own.

This summer I got to spend alot of time on a stunning farm. It was so healing and therapeutic after a difficult season. Last year I started a journey I have not yet announced, and won't for some time. But it included working with and having special little beings in my world. They came into my life during covid and brought me peace that summer after a hard loss. They made a huge difference in my life and I had no idea then how much of an impact they would have on me, and I'd go visit them daily. Sometimes life takes us on a path that's different than we could ever imagine or plan. That was this summer. It was originally suppose to be only mountains, working, going to school and having things I had worked towards and planned come together. It was to be the best summer yet. And in many ways, it was.

In late spring, I had to make a change and my close friend suggested this special place to me. I thought she was crazy. I said, we aren't even remotely in the same area, practice or industry. However, she would not let it go and I went and checked it out. It actually changed my life. We often put people and things in a pre-set box and think we know what's best for us, but then life happens and it gets adjusted. It was the right change and I have never met such a dedicated, committed, kind, experienced and focused group of people who's daily motto is to be humble and work with excellence. I ended up getting injured badly beginning of July, and my mountain hikes had to be tabled for a time while I healed. I spent many days walking the perimeter of this farm, and was moved by the beauty all around. It not only had one pond, but two, to walk around, sit quiet, and reflect. I was able to heal by being in nature in a safe place, and get back to moving while my body realigned itself. I had gotten a frontal lobe concussion, and didn't take the time needed to lay in the dark and rest. I got bored and pushed myself. I ended up having vision problems, seeing cloudiness, struggling badly with vertigo and the sun and impact of the light shut me down to the point I couldn't read anything or focus properly. I ended up having to leave my work and school for the summer. My kids wouldn't let me drive the first couple of weeks because I couldn't see anything and my short term memory was almost non existent. I would do something then redo it a few more times because I hadn't recalled doing it. I'd look at my kids and tell them the same things over and over. It was a grueling struggle. The only place I found peace and could relax enough for my body to calm down was this farm. So it was my daily ritual. I got to hang out with animals, pet them, walk them, brush them, love them. I got to be around such a positive and quiet environment that brought back so many memories of growing up. It's a working farm with breathtaking flower gardens, gardens and agriculture and a place to focus my faith when I needed to. I prayed often and had no idea why in the world I was led there until my injury.

I was forced to slow down, think, refocus, and re-prioritize my life. My goals today now look different because of that. I also got away to heal in the mountains, on open water and every day was spent in nature. I felt alive for the first time in years. I softened, I allowed myself to feel my emotions, I drew boundaries, and I rebuilt my business plan. My dad was my hero and this summer, I felt back in touch with how he raised us back home. I'm a sask girl through and through who loves the farm life, mountains and animals. He wanted to create a place where people could heal while they came out of adversity. This farm inspired me to take steps to create that. A place where the simple love of animals, as green as they are, could bring a connection and refocus while they work with them. A place where there is no judgement, no drama, no fast pace distractions....just excellence. A sustainable place where they can learn to grow their own food, walk in nature and meditate on their path. The vision my dad had was reignited in me, and led to the creation of Raymond House - our family charity we are working on. I don't know how long my journey will keep me at this farm, and I still don't know the full reason why I was led there ... but I've found my vibe and tribe and I've never worked harder on my present and future as I have since I was led there. Sometimes we go through valleys and want to give up, but it's in those times that if we listen to our hearts, it will lead us home where we belong.

For many people, fall is a time they feel sad and alone. Everything is dying and the color is fading away. But if you look close enough, and trust the process, you'll see it's really 'fall'-ing into place and leading you to beautiful things and a more focused self.


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