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Summit your Mountain

I've always enjoyed hiking, but in Alberta, it is something apparently people do all year round. Hiking is one thing. Hiking in the mountains is a another. And summiting a mountain, takes a level of physical fitness and determination to accomplish. It can seem like a long journey and there are stoney paths, rivers, meadows and obstacles along the way. But once you get to the top the view is breathtaking. This one summit can mean your adventure is over if it's not really your thing. But if you're built for it, it is the beginning of many more adventures to come. Unless you are experienced and skilled, you cannot achieve this alone. You need mentors, experience and the laws of nature to help you reach that target goal.

Life is like that. It's hard enough on it's own without people who make that path more difficult. Many have come out of adversity. Some have created their own mountains and are taking every step to overcome it. Some have been the 'subject' of people who live to damage others. We are all human and we need support of those around us. I know on my own journey I still have mountains to climb, successes I want and need to achieve, promises I've made with people counting on me, and debts I still have to pay. You find out someone's character in their moments of failure and their moments of success. Integrity isn't about never making a mistake or a misjudgement. Integrity is making sure you find a way to honour your word even if it will take some time. It's not about thinking you've arrived in a little success then kicking the ones who helped you get there to the side.

Everywhere we look there are people coming out of adversity. Yet they are stuck. Have you ever needed a home and got a bad purchase deal? Have you rented from someone only to learn they've lost their home and now you're about to be without one? Have you had to provide references and due diligence that were difficult to navigate due to putting your feet back under you for a job, purchase, tenancy, business deal? Have you been wrongfully terminated or faced workplace harassment and abuse? Had people destroy your income so you cannot pay your bills to live, and make you the topic of community gossip and abuse? Have you been sued and later found out the claim was based on plaintiff fraud, misstatements and misrepresentation? Have you been slandered and defamed and gossiped about based on facts that simply suited the masses and asses of the world? Have you felt like there is no hope? Like you're stuck in a job because you cannot find another? Have you made mistakes and had people attempt to extort and blackmail you because of that? Have you had someone offer to help you then demand 10 x's the amount back? These are all experiences of coming out of adversity from people who are greedy and strive to keep you down. You cannot navigate it without help from people who get it and care. These are mountains you cannot climb alone.

Covid - 19 has been the silent killer of all non-essential services. But unfortunately, it has also been the playground of essential services taking advantage of the weaker class. We have seen amazing people who also have come out of adversity and see the need to help set others free from the limitations others have tried to set for them. To do that, you need work, support, shelter and strong people who will assist you in climbing those mountains.

We have 2 launches that we have planned for Spring 2021. One is a business that is based on giving back to the community by providing products and services that support small and local businesses, provide jobs for people all across Canada in many areas, and create a community of people who lift others up along the way. The other is a unique boutique firm that will provide reports, backgrounds, request references and credit ratings, review and create contracts for investors and collaborators, assist with navigating/addresing false claims and backlash from hateful individuals. Defamation is hard to prove. However, there are other ways to navigate and deal with those situations. There are many organizations to assist the side of employers, landlords, sellers, business owners and claimants, but nothing to help those who are drowning on the other side.

Employers, business owners, landlords, property/real estate agents, private investors, claimants and collaborators should have to provide the same references, background checks, social security checks, police record checks, financial records and ways to verify their facts and establishment are credible and verified. There will be an app and website to rate these fields and provide critical feedback. People need to be informed and connected to contract agencies who are specialized and skilled in various areas to ensure you are safe. This is a one stop boutique that houses all components to ensure the criteria is met.

Between these two companies with a strong and skilled group of people with decades of combined experience in many areas, there will be successful ways for those rebuilding to have work they need while honouring commitments and assistance in getting back on their feet. There were many amazing people in my life who I am determined to honour. And I will. They are my heroes. There are also those who have been ugly and deceptive. They are my motivation to make sure others come out of their difficult place and those who can get proactive enough to never be there.



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