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The Rise and Fall of a Pandemic

The 'Pandemic' or 'Covid-19' is an inescapable term in today's world. 2 weeks to flatten the curve became 2 years.

Business owners thought they would be shutting down for a brief amount of time yet now they have either closed altogether or are fighting for their livelihood. Schools closed and parents had to pray and hope their employers would allow them to work remotely. People with mortgages, settlements and debt wondered how are they going to keep their commitments. Families have been forced to stay away from the older wiser generation all in the mission of keeping them safe. Single parent families scared for their futures as they either don't have child support, or if they do, their former partner does not have any means to fulfill it. Domestic violence victims have no relief because now their abuser is home with them daily. So the government put out some relief payment programs, awareness for mental health and suicide, and people thought they could have comfort in 'not being alone'. Banks, utility companies, loan offices gave temporary 'relief' for a few months but came back so hard many had to sell, default and get mass premiums and disconnections. So how did that help the nation? People looked at those with jobs and thought they are so lucky..if only I had that.

Let's look at the other ways Covid-19 has affected people. Let's take a look at the toll this is taking on the employed, the domestically abused, the sick and those recovering from debt:

  1. Workplace harassment, bullying, abuse and discrimination: places that once put value on customers, employees, the integrity of the business they ran, now has become a tyrannical corporation that values self, position and enforcing power instead of that once 'family feel'. Humble at the beginning of the pandemic because they were among fellow normal people. Now controllers and brats throwing tantrums if you don't recognize their title and power they bring. Where you once smiled with pride at your work, respected your superiors is replaced with crying in the bathroom trying to cope with the verbal abuse, forced to make an ethical and legal decision to say 'no' and protect them from breaking the law and risking the legal rights of others. Being forced to go to Human Resources begging for help because so many are being affected yet it's met with internal shaming, abusive tactics, public humiliation, creation of 'fake' issues to punish, fear mongering in meetings by pointing out actions of people who did not 'conform.' Consistent reminder of their title and the power that goes with it; illegal mysterious shipments in and out that they have attempted to attach your name to, as an attempt to 'pass off' legal liability to continue shadier forms of business because legitimate means of business has slowed to a halt. Additional properties are built to hide money laundering and other business activities. Companies who rose too fast and were forced to choose leaders who had zero education on how to manage, so their management technique involved pointing fingers at lower level people and stripping them of any form of humanity by publicly stating you aren't qualified enough. Management that states they are just 'choleric' instead of the fact, that they themselves are in fact abusive and manipulative. Work conditions so bad that people are forced to work from home because they are so sick. Leaders who broke the law and contracts because they slacked off or didn't know how to manage them, put 'responsibility' on innocent people and force them to comply by publicly stating this was your role....yet nothing was ever said and you are unaware. Illegal listening devices, camera control and giving out company passwords to others for one's email, abusing the power of having your password and going into your sign-ins on a regular basis, all with the purpose that if you step out of line and don't comply, they will 'fake a report in your sign-in' and use it as leverage. You can ship, sell, organize millions of dollars of product because you are excellent at your job, but if you call them out on these areas only for the purpose of doing your job right and protecting fellow workers and customers, you are 'not driven', 'a slacker', 'don't have what it takes to be successful.' This is verbiage for 'we want silent puppets', 'you intimidate me because you do your role too well', and 'we need to move our illegal product and you aren't letting us assign your name to it.' Companies do this why? Because they can. Calling new employers and ruining a young persons new job because you got caught being shady. It's an employers market not an employees. Keep in mind, illegal substances still need to get shipped out and delivered whether there is a pandemic of not. Don't get me wrong, not every corporation out there is like this. But some of the stories we have heard setting up our new firm has been unreal and beyond sad. There are amazing companies full of integrity and honour out there and then there are those who remove mass amounts of people in less than a month because they 'cannot afford it' then rent a private jet for a whole team to go party, buy a fancy car, and live a very luxurious life to which you will be reminded of, you'll never have unless you comply. So some do. But make no mistake, it will happen to them to. How do you reach out for help? Contact government workplace officials, put an honest work place review to warn others so they aren't put at risk, reach out to someone who has been there and understands.

  2. Domestic Violence and Abuse: this is an ongoing nightmare for those locked in at home with abusive partners, dead end marriages and illegal sex trade recruiters. There seems to be such focus on the 'pandemic' that no one is noticing anymore what is going on still in the world. Partners and children that are abused physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and sexually is to a point where no one is looking or listening anymore. They are helpless and have no where to turn. Suicide and drugs seems to be the only escape. They work remotely from home so no one can see what is going on behind closed doors. Kids made to work like slaves to pay the bills of the parents who are substance abusers and are tripping all day and cannot get it together to look after the child. Manipulations in marriage used as guilt tactics so they won't go out the door. People who are fighting illness and are kept from their families all in the name of 'covid-19'. Who is going to look after them when they are sick? This is a very scary and fearful place for people to be. Even treatment can be 'put on hold' to protect those recovering from illness setting back their recovery weeks and months. They've made it so impossible for seniors to get any kind of covid relief because they 'already get pensions'. They have bills too and payments that banks and mortgage companies won't give them grace on. It's almost like a set up to make them fail. The sex trafficking rings are flourishing because there is no-one allowed out anymore to shut them down. We need to support those organizations that help people in these situations.

  3. Debt recovery and paying off debt: covid-19 brought a halt to the ability to honour debt repayments due to work shut down, lockdowns and restrictions. This was a time to plan and build so that when things open back up you can come out strong and honour those debts. Yet there are many who are so greedy, unhealthy minded and have a lack of intelligence, they commit acts of extortion (pay me more and NOW or I will gossip and exploit). Those who manipulate and commit illegal crimes by fabricating or embellishing stories and will destroy the work you have. Which ties ones hands but that's okay, they are above the law. They can break NDA's, settlement agreements, and lie on court claims to 'gain attention' and feel empowered. This only reveals and verifies their habitual nature of extortion and other crimes. Then when their tantrums don't work, they exploit a preachers daughter as punishment of not 'playing their game' which in reality is predictable of them and aligns with their level of volatility. In reality it was a clear statement that someone out there would not listen to their lies and deceit. So keep moving forward to all of you who are working hard to pay off debts in this time. Time will be your voice. There are extended family members who sexually harass and defile women, steal from their workplace and twist details and create lies about you because you stood up to them when they did it to you and your family of women. They power play by crying to their mommy because they know she is very seasoned in her own crimes and years of manipulation so she will help you hide behind your lies. There are others who blatantly ignore their family member who is amongst the most selfless and amazing humans, beautify only themselves, ignore the decades of struggling that family member had and isolate them, then point fingers and fabricate facts. There are those who worked in banks and sat on financial boards of very professional and confidential organizations and broke securities laws by putting confidential information out, reaching out to those they thought could bring them gain, and then fabricating lies and creating a 'following' so they can feel better about themselves because nothing else in them is beautiful. Then when they can't get to you anymore, they attach a court claim to one of your child's credit reports by illegally attaining their SIN by abusing their securities and confidential privileges. There are small churches and 'pastors' who take ancient and barbaric ways of self induced punishment for areas they have no facts or real details on. Because they have chosen to spend their time listening to criminally minded and socially deviant people. They choose to break laws by making public statements to which you have evidence to the contrary on. Everyone wants to be a 'hero' so they try to achieve it in even illegal and unethical forms. When they are challenged, they choose to pursue along with fellow bottom feeder ministers, an integrous and prominent organization and jointly attacking a fellow man of the cloth who does nothing but bring the word and humanity to those who need it. Who leads others and serves the purpose that they are not themselves worthy of serving. Then there are the good people who were there for people in those moments, and never brought harm, but saw them as human and lifted them up. Not once out of peer pressure conformed to those with a hidden agenda; but who chose to believe in you because they know where you come from and the issues for what they were. These are the people you push on for. These are the people you fulfill your promise for. These are the ones you work you ass off for in your business and honour them. You have nothing to prove to anyone in this world but those who are good to you, honest and real. Don't run from your debts but take this time to build your corporation and honour every single person who was there for you in the spirit of love, kindness, honesty and integrity.

Covid-19 is going to change each of us. But it should change us for the better. It should make us wake up and open our eyes and be more concerned with the world agenda going on then being petty and looking for glass houses that don't exist.

We are losing kids, teens, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandkids, grandparents, friends and spouses through ignored treatments, suicide - innocent because they cannot take this level of tyranny above; they are isolated, fearful, feel hopeless, missing their support system. We have become a world of bigots, haters, fear mongers, abusers and manipulators. Last time I checked sin was sin. That hidden affair is just as bad; gossip is just as bad; obesity is just as bad; targeting people is just as bad; drug and alcohol problem is just as bad; hiding your crimes and pointing fingers is just as bad. Be very sure you don't have skeletons. Law isn't first come first serve. Law is law. You are not above it. No one is. Choose to let covid-19 determine to make you a better person; to stand up to the world agenda.

Put the energy and effort you put into gossip and destruction into getting that abused woman out of that house; get that sex trafficked girl off the street; pay attention to those around you - you could save a life. That man might be going home to kill himself. That woman might be going home to a beating. That child might be going home to get yelled at and locked in a room for hours. That girl might be watched by sex traffickers who are waiting for the right time. That man hovering around outside might be starving. That dog that looks at you with sadness, is homeless, dirty, sick and needs you. Pay attention. There are so many who need you. Being a christian is not being free of sin and mistakes. It's being a person who knows their worth so much in Christ that you no longer rock them or make them quake. It's being someone who now turns around and helps others and recognizes the help they had. It's caring about the state the world is in, not the facebook posts of your 'brother' or 'hater'.

Here's some organizations to call to get help and help others. These are all different in every province so google and make your list and keep it handy. You'll never know when you need it or see someone who needs it.

OHS - Occupation Health and Safety for the job site

Labour Standards

Suicide Prevention Hotline

Mental Health

Homeless shelters

Womens Shelters

Children's help hotlines

Social Services

Sex Trafficking organizations



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